Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vince Russo, Boycotting my local LCS, Comics @ Barnes & Noble and Eaglemoss Marvel Chess

 Hey everybody, sorry for the delay but I'm back now and thanks for stopping by for another update from Collect The UNcollected.

Today I get a little bit more back to my roots and talk about collecting the very cool Marvel Chess set a little bit.  I also tried to add a few pictures today too, to spice things up a big like I used to.

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Listened to part 2 of Vince Russo on the STEVE AUSTIN SHOW podcast on my way in this morning.  Great episode.  People bash Russo like crazy and who knows how much he may be full of shit but when you get to listen to him go off in his own words there is no doubt he loves the business.  He has a different approach to wrestling and he expresses it like nobodies business.  Russo looks to produce wrestling as a television show, which it is.  Listening to this podcast throws out all of his bullshit booking that people give him shit about and understand that he really does know a lot about what he's talking about when it comes to adding back the realism of the product and making people want to watch.

I've decided to NOT go back to back to the COMIC SHOP by my job.  It is extremely convenient to visit there on my lunch break and they have tons of cool merch and statues but this guy has pulled his bullshit one too many times.  I don't know how I'll get my books now.  There is a place really close to my house that has a lot of books but aren't really kept in the best shape, even when they are displayed.  There is the other shop I mentioned, which I love, Funnybooks in Lake Hiawatha NJ.  This place is unfortunately way out of the way for me now but it may almost be worth it to visit there once in a while again.  I could start going full digital but, even though it would save a ton of space in my house, I just can't bring myself to do it.  I feel if I physically own it, not only is it actually worth something but I can potentially have it forever.  What if Comixology goes down, all these books I purchased are lost forever.

I swung into BARNES & NOBLE today.  They have increased their graphic novel section by about 5 more shelves which is fantastic.  The best part about visiting them rather than a comic store for graphic novels is that they have a few obscure books you wont commonly find.  Lots of indie titles.

So I came across The Sculptor a while back when visiting this same B&N and it looked like an intriguing indie book that is probably one of those diamonds in the rough that doesn't get the credit it deserves.  I passed on it because I'm cheap but sure enough, it was one of Nerdist's top comics of 2015.  I'm still cheap so I didn't pick it up but apparently it's great.
Also, I Kill Giants is going to be huge.  It's another book that I've heard a ton about that I will eventually read and it has a movie on the way.  #1 can sell for around $50 right now and will only go up once the movie is on it's way.

I've been hooked huge lately on checking out the EAGLEMOSS MARVEL CHESS COLLECTION.  I'm a big fan of chess.  Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play against usually but if I had a place where I could just setup a table and leave a set out all the time, this would be the set I go with.
I took this at NYCC last year.  The entire collection was going for less than $400 which is a steal considering their website sells them for over $500.
To join the club, you have to subscribe to the magazine.  Each magazine comes with a piece.  It's 4.95 for the first month.  You get your issue of the mag along with an Ironman White Bishop.  It's about $15+tax, twice a month after that.  So it's pretty pricey and honestly, I don't see the point in waiting an entire month to collect each piece.  Why wouldn't you just sell the complete set.  Sure, it's a collection but I want to play chess.  Also, these pieces can be found on eBay for about $10 a pop.  There are also numerous 2-packs out there.  Hulk/She-Hulk, Thanos/Star-lord, and Professor X/Apocalypse to name a few.  These can run you about $25.
For an extra few bucks a month, you can be a part of the premium package and get the exclusive pieces.  The Invisible Woman is going for around $100 on eBay right now.
They have a Batman set as well which is just awesome.  There are enough Batman heroes to combat against enough Batman villains to fill out a board.  Also the special edition Batman/Joker Dark Knight Returns two pack which surprisingly is not worth a whole lot extra on eBay.

Ok I'm done.  Apparently a new Captain America: Civil War trailer drops tomorrow.  It is rumored to HEAVILY feature Spider-man which I'm not happy about.  I wish they held it off for as long as possible.  But in an article from, they mention the truth that there is a screening in Las Vegas on April 13 and no doubt some asshole will take a picture of him anyway and post it all over the internet and ruin it for everyone anyway so might as well hear it from the horses mouth.  Still can't wait to watch it.

This is Ace, take those Marvel Chess Pieces all the way to the bank, brother!

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