Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TIJ, Hardcore Henry, Arby's, Loot Crate, and asshole comic shop owners taking advantage of their customers.

Happy New Comic Book day everybody.  I haven't been to the shop in 3 days and my comic shop experience absolutely sucked today which I'll get into.

Today's TALK IS JERICHO has Edge & Christian as guests.  This goes to my point yesterday where just because I don't think their show on the WWE Network isn't that funny doesn't mean THEY aren't funny.  This episode was hilarious.

This HARDCORE HENRY movie looks pretty killer.  I see people shitting all over it like it's not an original idea because it's pretty much just a 1st person shooter video game in movie format but who cares.  It looks like it has a ton of action and is still unlike any movie I've seen (except that one seen in Doom).

Go follow ARBY'S on every social media site you can.  I'm not sponsored by them but whoever is in charge of their social media accounts is playing hard to the geek culture.  Here is there latest facebook post...

I've mentioned this multiple times before but a lot of people ask me if I've ever done LOOT CRATE or any box or crate subscription services.  The answer is no so far but the Firefly edition that Loot Crate is putting out looks awesome.  Initially, it was tough to determine if Loot Crate was something what would have some legs due to the cost and with constantly receiving a box full of geeky stuff every month, eventually you're going to run out of room where to put it.  However, it seems that they are not one of the founding father's of subscription crates as now there are almost countless crate services out there.  Marvel and DC both have their own crate and there is also now a Wrestle Crate.  To also show how well received these have become, they have started inputting exclusives like the very cool Malcom Reynolds Firefly Shotgun exclusive.

Now this doesn't seem to be worth as much extra cash as it used to be but for a Browncoat like myself it is a must have.

Here is something that really fuckin GRINDS MY GEARS.  I'll add this to my now ongoing rant about shitty comic book shops.  So there is this Harley Quinn/Scooby-Doo crossover as shown here...

This is a regular book.  It isn't a variant, it isn't a one-shot, it's nothing special.  This guy at my local comic shop upped the price to $7.99 JUST BECAUSE it has Harley Quinn in it.  Now this didn't chap my ass too bad because I wasn't interested in this book...but then we come to this book...

This is NOT a retailer variant.  The retailer DID NOT have to order so many issues of the regular cover to get a copy of this cover.  There are also like 30 different covers for this book.  I specifically requested this cover when I put in my order for this book at my local comic shop using my comixology pull list which this jerk off makes me do (see my mention of it yesterday).  Now this guy has the BALLS to try and charge me $9.99 for it.  He also tried giving me the bullshit line of telling me that it's a special cover and you have to order so many blah blah blah.  Look dude, don't talk to me like I don't know my shit.  I know how it works and it doesn't work with this cover.  I also confirmed with the awesome guys over at Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ that this book is cover price.  I'm debating to put out exactly which shop this is since I may still be forced to visit there but I am now no longer going to be visiting this shop.  They are the worst and when they try to pull bullshit like this it's just the last straw.  Something like taking advantage of the customer absolutely makes my blood boil.  This guy doesn't seem like a bad guy but when he tries to bull bullshit like this he's a total asshole.

O and it's been 3 weeks since I've been to the shop, however, since I use comixology for my pull list, I have specifically given this guy a list of the books I want.  So when I ask him where's my books are from 3 weeks ago, he scrambles and tries to look it up and then tells me that it's not on my comixology pull list.  So I pull it up on my phone and he starts making excuses that he hates when it doesn't work right.  He wanted to go search for my books, one of which was Amazing Spider-man #8 which there were no more copies of.  Are you shitting me?  How do you run out of copies of a Spider-man comic?  I don't care if it was 3 weeks ago.  I disgustedly told him not to worry about it took my books and left.

Ok i'm done for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

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