Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The DECLINE of Selling Autographed Comic Books

Howdy everyone and thanks for checking in for another edition of Collect the UNcollected.  I hope everyone enjoyed the NYCC update and the con itself if you went.

I learned a lot this year and one thing I'm going to touch on tonight is something that has been building up over the years.

If you follow any comic book creators on Twitter, it's more than likely you have read a tweet from them where they bring up the subject of noticing an autographed comic of theirs on eBay.  It's big time frowned upon.  Comic book creators never like to see someone flip their work for a profit.  They want people to enjoy their work for what it is, not to try and make a quick buck.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Saturday REVIEW

So, got there about 7am.  Line was down the block and around the corner.  It even indented by the little parking area which no one used to do so it was even farther than it seemed.  The farthest back I've ever been in line before.  Just goes to show how much the con has grown.

They opened the doors to head inside at around 8 to get in line.  One thing that was absolutely fantastic was the way lines were separated when everyone filed inside.  If you want to go to a panel, go to the left; if you want to just go inside, go to the right.  I'm not interested in wasting my entire date so I don't go to any panels.  I'm also not interested in meeting any celebrities.  Not that I'm too cool for that, it's just expensive as hell.  But it was great that I wasn't as far back in line as I originally would have been because they weeded out everyone that is in line early to attend a panel.  It is a bummer for anyone attending the con for the first time who isn't aware that's how it works but we all learn that way.