Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Archie on the CW, TEACSTTROA, The comic shop guy, Flash and Negan talk.

Hey everybody, like I said, I'm going to try and stop by more frequently now and maybe do some quick daily updates with random thoughts.  So here's update 1.

Current Netflix wishlist:
Southland Tales
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Milk Money
Body Slam

 Just read the new ARCHIE show on the CW may be a little risque for Archie.  I can dig that.  I haven't read Archie comics at all really until Afterlife with Archie came out, which I've talked about in a past entry and it's absolutely fantastic.  New issue finally coming out in June, I think.  I also very much enjoyed Life With Archie #666.  The issue where he dies and it was such a great book.  Even though it had a sad tone, the rest of the book is a complete breath of fresh air.   This also translates to Mark Waid's new run on Archie.  I love this book.  No superheroes or people getting attacked or killed.  It's just a wholesome book telling teenage angst stories in a modern and mature way.  For me, usually it's the more twisted a book is the better so I was surprised at just how much I really enjoy this book.  Afterlife with Archie is still a good one to get your hands on.  The Sabrina series really picked up steam too.  If these books came out on a steady basis they could be worth some dough in the long run due to their great stories.

Heard BATISTA was asked to be the special guest ref for the Roman Reigns vs Triple H Wrestlemania 32 main event but turned it down.  Don't blame him.  Would have done nothing for his career.

Been watching THE EDGE AND CHRISTIAN SHOW THAT TOTALLY REEKS OF AWESOMENESS.  It has its moments.  It's not terrible.  Sometimes it's a little too cheesy.  When I watch it, I feel like they think they are having a hilarious time and it seems very funny to them but isn't really funny to everyone else.  We've all been there.  Edge and Christian are still awesome and very funny in their own right which we've seen from all of their promos that totally reeked of awesomeness.  I wouldn't say the show is that deserving of that title so far.

I'm about 3 weeks behind on COMICS.  I'm really not a huge fan of my local comic shop.  Maybe I'll do a larger entry on being a good comic retailer but the place I have to go to now that I switched jobs.  My old comic shop was great.  It was much smaller but carried A LOT more books.  It didn't have many statues or figures or merchandise but I don't need that every week.  Every week I need my comics and when this guy tells me he didn't even know that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 was coming out until he saw it on my comixology pull list, there is a fuckin problem.  Part of the enjoyment of going to the local comic shop is going to the shop and seeing what is out there.  Don't tell me that if something is too obscure I have to make sure I put it on my pull list a month in advance to make sure he orders it.  If it's an Image #1, order a few copies of the god damn book, not just 1, IF you even get it at all.  It seems that the guy is looking more to run a business than a comic shop.  Which is understandable because it IS a business but you need to know your product and your clientele.

I'm caught up on the second season of FLASH.  I can't go into detail about all the great easter eggs and what not because I'm not that up on any DC character other than Batman but it's a great show.  It's lots of fun and enjoyable to watch for anyone.

WALKING DEAD has been fantastic since it returned for the second half of season 6.  This past episode "Knots Untie" was exactly like the comic book and it makes me even more pumped for Negan to show up.  However, there is all this insane hype for Negan and everyone talks like he makes the Governor look like a princess but seriously, that is bullshit.  Negan does a bunch of shitty things but he's just an asshole with power.  The Governor is a straight up monster.  Of course on the TV show they didn't to explore this.  Negan's claim to fame is ONE action that has everyone talking.  The Governor, in the comic, is the one who had Rick's hand cut off.  He tortured people, was sadistic enough to make out with his zombie daughter and beat and raped Michonne repeatedly.  The Governor was a fucking maniac while Negan is cool and just a douche bag.  Negan has a line, the Governor does not.

So apparently Negan was going to show up in the season finale but that may not be the case.  Apparently Scott Gimple announced that we may see him as early as NEXT WEEK!  I'm not a fan of this, I would rather they saved him the finale just like in the comics because when he shows up, he shows up with a bang.  If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you know spoilers ahead and either know, or dont care, that when Negan shows up in issue #100 of The Walking Dead, he bashes Glenn's brains in with his barb-wire baseball bat "Lucille."  The speculation has been growing like crazy if this is going to play out exactly like in the comic of if someone else is going to bite the dust.

The only other person who can have that same kind of impact with Negan's debut is obviously Daryl but I don't think AMC has the balls.  If Glenn dies, fans will be devastated but still watch.  If Daryl dies, they riot.  My money is on Glenn.  Both have had the build up to heading in that dead direction.  There has been less and less Daryl taking over episodes than in past seasons and he was also the one that took out a bunch of Negan's men.  With Glenn however, he has his HUGE tease earlier this season where we thought he was definitely dead which rose to light all of the other times that he has cheated death which puts even more emphasis on him being trapped in a position where he really has no way out.


Ok thats all for today.

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