Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Movie hype, podcasts, and the Road to Wrestlemania

Hey everyone, it has been WAY too long since my last update and hopefully I can catch up.

I've been getting a lot more traffic on the site lately and I think my instagram account maybe has something to do with that which you can check out over at @TheUncollected

I have a TWITTER too and a FACEBOOK which gets very little attention but the views for that have been coming in pretty steady too.  Give it a follow and maybe I'll start paying attention to it more.

I think going forward I'm just going to go ahead and open up this page at the beginning of the day and start just jotting down random thoughts as the day goes on because there is tons of stuff going on and not enough time in my day to bang up an entire update at once but let's try it anyway...

So it's Friday and everyone is in relax mode for the weekend.  Social media and news sites have slowed down, no client's are answering their phones when I call them back and this has lead to my day coming to a screeching halt.  There are tons of awesome movies coming out.  Deadpool has been out for a few weeks now and still kicking ass and I still haven't friggin seen it.

I could go into a complete tangent on spoilers and the statute of limitations but that is a topic and I'm sure an argument for another day.  Sometimes the days pass and time flies by so fast you don't even stop to think about doing something fun like that, or just don't have the time.  My wife bought me tickets for Valentine's day to be used whenever and we just do not have the time to go.  We work long hours and are hardly on the same schedule so getting to see it is a huge pain in the ass, but thankfully the tickets are bought so it's going to happen!

With that being said, I may just have to take off work for Civil War.  The spoilers are going to be off the charts for this movie and I'm gonna blow my stack if it gets ruined for me.  Marvel has done a great job of keeping Spider-man under wraps and I need to experience that for myself before some asshole kids put 20 photos of him on Instagram in a meme that spoils the whole story.

The jury is still out on Batman v Superman.  The early previews looked rough, the later previews look good but it looks like they are just trying to cram as much shit as possible into one movie and it is either going to be the greatest geekgasm of all time or the biggest cluster fuck we've ever seen.  None the less I think it still might put a high grossing number on the board.  Nowhere near Star Wars numbers but possibly just shy of Avengers numbers.  However that final number will determine just how good the movie is.  Once word spread on Man of Steel after the initial thrill, the walls came tumbling down.

I'm still addicted to Marvel Future Fight on my iPhone.  It takes up so much damn data that I have to constantly delete it and re-download it fresh.  Hey, all the updates are cool, but pretty much in time the only thing my cell phone is going to be able to be used for is Future Fight.
I was on the Contest of Champions kick for a while.  I do love a good fighting game and that game is awesome, the action adventure beat-em up of Future Fight made me switch sides.  With CoC, there are a ton of characters which is great but like with all fighting games, it's just the same thing over and over and over and the longevity of it can't hold up.  The upgrading in Future Fight is a lot more in depth, which I usually don't like because there is too much shit to worry about for too many characters after a while but it offers a lot more different modes of gameplay that you can get more playing time out of.

I listen to almost 30 podcasts.  There are only a handful of ones I listen to every single episode on.  Most of the time I listen to them because I'm interested in the guest they have on.  A lot of times though you can be pleasantly surprised by listening to an episode with someone who are not familiar with.  The Nerdist podcast is good for this and so is Talk is Jericho.  Here's a list of my favorites.

1. Comic Book Club.
2. The Steve Austin Show (Both family friendly & Unleashed)
3. How Did This Get Made
4. Art of Wrestling
5. Nerdist
6. Nerd of Mouth
7. Talk is Jericho
8. The Chive
9. Geek Watchtower
10. Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen

I listen to a lot of others occasionally.  Cheap Heat, WTF with Marc Maron, Hollywood Babble-on, The Ross Report and We Got This with Mark and Hal just to name a few.  I still have plans to put out my own on the White Dragon Podcast Network if I can get the courage to do it.  I did a test run with an intro and I can't get over how weird it feels talking to myself for that long.

We're also on the Road to Wrestlemania and everyone is pissed.  On paper, this match between Roman Reigns and Triple H should be awesome and makes a ton of sense.  This feud has been building all year long.  Obviously, it would be better and make even MORE sense with Seth Rollins in the role but HHH works all the same.  However, fans are just too smart for that now.  When they know exactly what is going to happen, they don't want to see it which is a bummer for poor Roman.  I think Roman is awesome but just booked incredibly poorly.  There has never been more of an instance of the WWE trying to shove someone down your throat as a top guy more than this ever before and in typical modern smart mark fan fashion, they have completely revolted and turned against the top baby face in the company.  The only option here is to turn Reigns heel.

A little fantasy booking here, Reigns and HHH have a hellacious match that ends in Trips taking the dive. Maybe make it an I Quit match. HHH gets on the mic and claims that everything the authority has been doing to Roman has been a test. Triple H admits his time is running short and he needs someone he can trust to pass the torch to. He thought that man was Seth Rollins but apparently he was wrong. He makes mention to the fact about the fans booing him. He asks him if he thinks saying no will change their minds but it won't. He's tried saying no before and it didn't make a difference.  Roman embraces the idea and Trips says he quits or, as a bloody mess from a beating from Reigns, lays down in the middle of the ring.

This leaves Roman a top heel to work every baby face he hasn't worked one on one like Orton and Cena. You can build to him vs Ambrose at Summerslam and all year you can have a 3-way feud between Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose leading to the big 3-way match at next years Wrestlemania. It's ballsy to take that kind of a chance at such a huge Wrestlemania in Dallas but can pay off in the long run.

I could go on forever with how I think the product needs to change and what I'd like to see in the future but right now I don't have that kind of time.

I'm ready to pass out while I'm watching Private Parts on Netflix. I started watching Fuller House but my wife fell asleep half way through the first episode.


In case you don't know, I'm Ace and you can take this update all the way to the bank, brother!

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