Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Outer Space Men


Hi again, everyone.  Back here with another quick update.
So Gary from The Outer Space men reaches out to me on Twitter (@TheUNcollected) and asks me to take a look at some of the new Outer Space Men figures they are trying to sell.

I'm not going to lie and say I was 100% familiar with these figures but I did a little research and WOW are these things hot!

The Outer Space Men have been around since 1968 and have a very retro feel to their figures.  Not only that, but there is also a very limited amount of them available.  These things go for AT LEAST double what they originally sell for and that's for the series only from 2010!  Now Series 2 is out and I say get your hands on them AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!

Check out the description after the jump.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's In My Parent's Basement - Part 1

Hi Everybody!  It's been a little while but thanks for stopping by for another update from Collect the UNcollected.

So this past weekend I visited my parent's house.  I remember all the things I have but I needed to really explore to take some pictures of things.  Now to give you a little background, I'm an only child.  For some of you, you should know that explains a lot.  I had A LOT of stuff.  But on top of that, my parents always understood the idea of collecting and NEVER threw anything out.

So I snapped some pictures of a few things that they still have lying around.  I didn't setup many things all nice and displayed because they were just so tough to get to. There were tons of dust and cobwebs as you will see from some of the pics.

But there is A LOT to get to so lets get started...