Friday, January 18, 2013

The Walking Dead

Hey everybody, today I'm gonna go on about the creator owned phenomenon that is The Walking Dead

I don't have to get into how incredibly popular this comic book is.  Not only is it an incredible comic book but the AMC tv show has been a huge success.  In turn, has made the comic book an even bigger success.

Fans of the tv show are turning to the comic book to find out about back stories and what happens next and everything else to feed their need of The Walking Dead between episodes.

There are certain issues that are already huge collector issues.  Issue #19, the first appearance of Michonne goes for hundreds on eBay.  Issue #27, the first appearance of The Governor is another big hit.  Also, issue #33 where Michonne gets her hands on the Governor is another big one.  For some reason the 2nd printing "blue" cover is going for more on eBay.  Why? I don't know.

Its a safe bet to just get your hands on every single issue of The Walking Dead you come across.  It is selling like crazy, everywhere.  When you go to comic conventions, every comic retailer has their issues of TWD high and proud to display.  Everyone wants to get their hands on every issue.  I've seen bundles of issues selling on eBay that boil down to about $20 an issue.  Thats huge.

What I'm gonna do here is give you a glimpse at a few issues that stand out just a lil bit more than the rest and still haven't blown up yet.

Issue# 61

Now this issue is going for a good amount not even just for the fact that it's an issue of The Walking Dead.  This issue is big because it is the first appearance of CHEW in the back.  CHEW has become another huge creator owned book to get your hands on.  Rumor has it there is a television show being developed for Showtime.  I've never gotten my hands on CHEW but it's a big one.  Therefor, this issue of TWD has a little bit of a boost in it's value

Issue# 53

Issue #53 marks the first appearance of Abraham.  Possibly the next most anticipated character to appear next in the TV show.  Abraham became Rick's right hand man and muscle when he had no one else to turn to.  This one is on the rise.

Issue #91

Issue #91 is the first appearance of "Jesus".  "Jesus" is going to be a breakout character in TWD.  He has moves like Michonne but without the sword.  Once given more focus, he's definitely going to be a more popular character.  If ever introduced in the show, look out.  Get your hands on this one.

Now rumor has it that the extremely popular TWD TV series character "Daryl Dixon" will be making his appearance in the comic.  A lot of this speculation started when the cover for issue# 101 was revealed to be a man holding a cross bow.  However, this had absolutely nothing to do with his character like most thought.  I still can very well see Daryl making an appearance in the comics because his popularity in the TV show is growing with every episode.  I don't see any signs of it coming any time soon with the current story arc but I wouldn't rule it out so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks all for now.

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Until next time, take that all the way to the bank, brother.

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