Sunday, January 13, 2013

Locke & Key

Now some of you may know about Locke & Key, some of you may not.  Locke & Key is, no bullshit, the most amazing comic I've ever read.  It's written by Joe Hill who happens to be Steven King's son.  The artwork is amazing, its a phenomenal comic book.  Above is my copy of the 1st Printing of issue #1.  Bought it for $40 off eBay.
You can still pick up a copy for around that price.  Word is not completely out yet on this gem.  I heard about it from the boys at  (Check them out, great podcast every week, even had Joe Hill on the show once which you can listen to HERE).
STAY AWAY from the Dynamic Forces Variant.  Not worth as much.  I'm not positive about how many copies were made, maybe 2,000.  Wikipedia says that it went to a 2nd printing but I've never seen one.

Now there was a TV pilot filmed in early 2011 but Fox decided not to pick it up.
You can see a commercial for the pilot HERE
There was a full pilot filmed and it's out there somewhere
Anyway, fans of the book have been crying out for some other form of media and it was announced back in November that there will be a movie TRILOGY based on the series.  So you can bet your ass that this book will shoot up BIG TIME.

I'd say start picking up as many copies as you can of anything Locke & Key.  There are currently 5 arcs available, 6 issues a piece and 2 issues out of the final arc out now. (which will be 7 issues)
Graded copies are going for over $100, even of the 2nd issue.

I'm hanging onto mine until I can get it signed.  The artist Gabriel Rodriguez lives in Chile so snatching his autograph is big, he makes it to the states sometimes for cons.

Even if you're not looking to make money with this one, read it.

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