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Skullkickers is an Image comic created by Jim Zub and Edwin Huang.
The first issue was released in September of 2010.
Zub is known for his earlier work with Udon Comics and Pathfinder with Dynamite Comics.  Also for his tutorials on breaking into the comic business and the fact that he's an incredibly nice and positive guy.

In my opinion, Skullkickers is prime to blow up one day.  Zub describes it as "a buddy cop movie meets Conan the Barbarian".  Edwin's cartoonish art and the slapstick writing make Skullkickers an incredibly fun book.

Jim Zub has stated that the product is currently being represented by the same agency that represented Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird of "Teenate Mutant Ninja Turtles" fame.  Which is marketed out the ass!  Right now Skullkickers is still pretty accessible but in your larger local comic shops and online.  My LCS doesn't carry it so i've purchased it digitally and actually got Volume 2 from Zub directly at NYCC.  It's not carried as commonly as other creator owned books so that adds to its rarity.

These are the 3 covers for the 1st printing of Skullkickers #1.  I've got the Hulk variant to the right.  Signed by Zub and Edwin.  Currently out getting graded.

I think the only thing that might hold Skullkickers back is it's excessive violence.  Like I mentioned earlier, the cartoonish artwork immediately makes me think cartoon on Adult Swim when I see it.  However, the violence in the early TMNT comics didn't stop that product from being turned into one of the most kid friendly forms of media that ever existed.  Not to mention video games, more comics, movies, you name it.  I can honestly see Skullkickers following in that same formula.  It's prime for media attention.  These things just take time.

Zub also just gained some exposure due to the direction change that DC decided to take by not having him start writing Birds of Prey in April.  Even for a negative reason, it was able to give him and his current work some more attention in a positive way.

There are currently 3 volumes and 20 issues out right now, along with 2 new editions of the book coming soon (Uncanny Skullkickers and  The Mighty Skullkickers) so this book is really on the move.

Go hurry up and grab a copy today while you still can and at a decent price!

You can hear Jim Zub's appearance on Comic Book Club HERE

Also be sure to check out www.skullkickers.com and www.jimzub.com

Are you a Local Comic Shop that DOES carry Skillkickers or any of the other great comics I've mentioned? Drop me a line and i'll give you a shout out to let people know where they can pick up their copy!

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Till next time when I talk about quick cash juggernaut that is THE WALKING DEAD, you can take THAT all the way to the bank, brother.

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