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Howdy Friends! Welcome to Collect the UNcollected.  My own little blog about the hottest treasures that exist in the world of comic book collectibles and maybe a few of my own thoughts here and there too.

What I hope to achieve here is to give you a little insight on just what collectibles out there you should be getting your hands on that should inflate in price and inflate your wallets as well if you are into making some cash off your collection.

Its a new year so I can start things fresh.  I wish I thought about this around October during the New York Comic Con.  It's insane how much money con collectibles are.  On eBay right now, there are some NYCC 2012 collectibles selling for at least $200 that cost around $20-$40 at the time

You see these things? SELLING for $500 for the pair on eBay.  I had no idea they were even there.

Thats the trick, keep your eyes peeled for EVERYTHING.  The harder it is to grab, and the less people know about it, the more expensive it will be.   Get your hands on anything and everything when you visit a con.

You see this?
These Marvel Universe figures are about $15 in Toys R' Us.  This one here is a NYCC exclusive Old Man Logan figure that sells on eBay for $200. 
Now when I asked the guys at the Marvel booth about it, they told me it was a mistake and printed in error or some bullshit.  Why they would tell me that? I don't know.  But they were there and I missed out on one.

Same goes for con exclusive comics.  At least $20-$50 and you're probably buying it for around $10.  So there's some profit right there.

Ok thats some food for thought for the future.  Let's talk NOW!

 If you know anything about comic books you already know that Brian K. Vaughan's "Saga" is the hottest comic around right now.  It has won every damn award in 2012 you can think of.  Best Ongoing Series, Best New Series, you name it, its won it.  I would say that due to its immense popularity it will no doubt be made into a movie.  Although, i'm not sure they can pull it off with all the crazy shit going on in it.
Above is a copy of the first printing with the ORANGE title color.  THAT'S what you want to get your hands on.  You're actually even not so bad off grabbing the 2nd printing with the BLACK title font.  Anything Saga, get your hands on.  I think they're up to the 7th printing of issue 1 and 5th of issue 2.
Going on eBay for around $50 bucks, which for this time isn't so bad.  Get your hands on an early copy of Saga and hang onto it because this comic is only getting HOTTER.

Creator owned comics are extremely hot right now.  Everyone is tired of superheroes.  They are what we grew up with and still love so thats what is out there.  But thats also what everyone wants to get their hands on.  Everyone also is on the lookout for the next big property to be made into a movie.  Can't go wrong with creator owned stuff.

Following up with that, I give you...

Y: The Last Man is another incredibly popular comic.  Also, ironically from Brian K. Vaughan.  This has been popular since its conception but is even MORE popular now that New Line Cinema has finally attached a director to the movie.  Its been in development hell since about 2007.
"Y" is already going for around $100 on eBay unsigned and un-graded.  But again, it can only go up with popularity of the movie rising. 
Who knows, go check your Local Comic Book shops back stack.  There could be a hidden gem in there somewhere.

Finally, this one is my own opinion but...

Nemesis is a comic by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted, plenty of other awesome stuff).  Like Vaughan, anything with Millar's name attached to it is gonna be worth some dough.  This book is not hot at all right now, but it will be.  Just this past December, director Joe Carnahan announced that he was working on the movie.  It's been in development since 2010.  Like Kick-Ass and Wanted, this is another hot Millar book to get your hands on.
Millar is too hollywood now with his gig at Fox but if you're lucky you can still catch Steven McNiven in artist's alley to sign a copy.

That's it for now.  Nice little introductory entry I guess.
New to this blogging thing, not sure how it's setup

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If you're a local comic shop that has got some of these items, hit me up and I'll send you a shout out for people to head on down and get some goods.

I'll think of a good sign off line later...

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