Friday, July 25, 2014

WWE Signed Commemorative Plaques

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Today i'm going to talk about the WWE Signed Commemorative Plaques offered initially at .  Like shown below...

This one here is the Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania XXX plaque available now on  It's going for $199.  
Now some of these turn a pretty good profit, some of them not so much.  There are a few key factors to think of when it comes to watching your investment pay off.

1. The number plaque you have.
WWE produces 500 of each of these.  This is almost like a grading on a comic book.  Depending on what number plaque you have, the value can increase.  Obviously the lower the number, the higher the value.  At this moment there is a CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar: Best vs. Beast Summerslam 2013 Plaque going for over $500 in the WWE Auction.

2. The Superstar
The bigger the star, the more valuable the plaque.   Now there are factors that go into this as well.  For example like I mentioned, the Daniel Bryan plaque above is selling for $199, however the Randy Orton plaque that is out is selling for $144.99.  Now Daniel Bryan's merchandise sales dictates how popular a superstar he is in the WWE's eyes.  Randy Orton, isn't so popular with the fans right now so his merchandise sales are down and so is his plaque cost.  John Cena on the other hand, who's merchandise sales are always topping charts, is selling for only $129.  Possibly because every time Cena wears a new color shirt they make a new plaque for him.  Del Rio's plaque is selling for around $85 on eBay and even though we all love Dolph Ziggler, his is selling for under $100.  If it's autographed by the Undertaker, it = $$$

3. More signatures, more $$$
There are a few floating around from Wrestlemania 24 signed by ALL the winners.  That is selling for over price.  Also, Royal Rumble plaques are usually signed by ALL of the participants in the Rumble.  Those are so hot there aren't any of them to be found on eBay.

4. Matches vs. Superstars
Now it is not actually the MATCH plaque that sells.  Like I mentioned, there are the multiple plaques for John Cena.  The current one out is to commemorate his match with Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 30.  That one is selling for $129.  On the other hand, the John Cena plaque that commemorates his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania 29 is selling for almost around $300.  There is currently a Brock vs Taker WM30 plaque for sale.  It's going for $199.  However it's only signed by Brock and Paul Heyman, not Taker.  This could hurt it's value in the long run but time will tell.

5. Superstar status
Edge plaques are nowhere to be found on eBay.  The CM Punk: Championship reign plaque sells for almost $400.  Plus it's signed by Heyman, too.  Nuff said.

6. The Undertaker
He doesn't do interviews, he doesn't do autograph signings.  The Undertaker is the perfect example of exactly what he was nicknamed, a phenom.  Getting a plaque with Taker's signature is huge.  You're almost always likely for it to go up in value.  And it's all but been confirmed that his career is over so you can imagine how much the price for all of these will go up.

There are different versions of plaques out there.  I'm just referring to the types pictured above.  There are these too...

Again, depending on the Superstar, the prices almost always go up on these.  These are good investment to have.  Again because they commemorate a specific Superstar or match that really had an impact.  Just like any collectible, the more it connects with the fans the more the value goes up.

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