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Mainstream Comic Gems...

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I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the new viewers and followers.  Since I started the twitter account @TheUNcollected, the amount of views have shot through the roof!

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Ok before I get started, I just want to mention I just got back from spending a few days down at the Jersey Shore and came across that new Batman arcade game.  It's a racing game where you just blow shit up.  There are three levels, Mr. Freeze, Bane, and Joker.  The best part, it has EVERY SINGLE BATMOBILE to choose from.  I'm talking 66 Batman to The Dark Knight Rises and even the Animated Series and Arkham Asylum.  That part alone makes it a blast to play.  I saw the new Transformers one but didn't check it out.

Maybe in the future I'll do a post about the most valuable arcade games out there...ok let's get started...

So even though creator owned books are where it's at, mostly because there are fewer copies printed, there are still a lot of mainstream books (Marvel and DC) that can turn a good profit.  In the last few years, word of mouth spreads and thats how books really take off.  If you get on board from the start you might get lucky.  So i'm going to tell you about a few that are out there to try and get your hands on if you can still come across them and also try to guess a few that might take off down the line...

HAWKEYE(2012) #1

Now if you are a regular comic book reader, there is no doubt you have heard of the growing success of Hawkeye written by Matt Fraction.  It's pretty much a book following what an Avenger does when he's NOT saving the world.  Due to the popularity of this book, it's led Marvel to go in the same direction with a few other character's solo titles like Black Widow and She-Hulk.  The book is definitely a lot of fun.  I have the 1st hardcover which includes the 1st two volumes.  It's a funny read and a great story.  There is an ongoing story as well as mostly one and done issues.  I've seen the 1st printing go for up to around $50 on eBay.

BATMAN (New 52) #1

It goes without saying that Batman one of if not THE top comic book going today.  Batman is in the top 3 top selling books every month and is usually number 1.  Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are simply just kicking ass with this book.  I got on about issue 12.  Even the first couple issues can still turn a good profit ESPECIALLY if you have them signed.  This book also goes for an average of $50 for a first printing and even more for the 1:25 Ethan Van Sciver variant.

***Little tidbit of information in case you might not know, when you see things like 1:25, 1:75, or 1:100 it means for every 25/75/100 copies a retailer purchases of a single book, they get ONE copy of that specific variant.  That's what makes variant covers extra rare and more valuable***


ANYTHING with Harley Quinn attached to it = $$$$.  This book came out in February 2014 and currently goes for around $10 on eBay.  The Adam Hughes Variant goes for around $50.  There was a lot of hype behind this book.  Harley is on of those extremely popular characters that just click with some people.  Always tons of Harley Quinn cosplayers at every con you go to and the nostalgia from her Batman: The Animated Series origin makes her a fan favorite to everyone.  Get your hands on as much Harley Quinn as you can.


This is an interesting one.  This book is going for around $20 on eBay and it's only about 2 years old and still going.  This was a sleeper hit for some people since it is based off of the video game, it wasn't expected to take off like it did but the story is great.  Superman does what we all expected him to one day do and that's take over the world and OF COURSE, who is the only man that can stop him? Well Batman, of course!  You can probably find this one out there still for less than what it's worth.


This book is drifting off of what Hawkeye started.  When this book first came out earlier this year, it was always mentioned in the same breath as Hawkeye.  Because of that, the same people jumped on board and from what i'm hearing it's a good read.  It follows the same suit as Hawkeye, following Black Widow on her own private missions.  This book is still pretty new and #1 goes for around $5 so in time as more people catch onto the book the price could go up.  Get on board now.


I only have the first 3 issues of this book and I wasn't nuts about it.  Plus unfortunately, it's a weekly book and I just can't afford it in my stack.  With that being said, the reviews are nuts about this comic.  It's written by Scott Snyder who already has all the love of Batman fans from his current run on the regular Batman comic and everyone is loving the story.  This book is going for regular price right now still but once it concludes and everyone hears how good it is, they are going to want to get their hands on every issue.  Go out and grab this one!


Ok, Archie isn't Marvel or DC but he's DEFINITELY mainstream.  Life with Archive #36 covers the DEATH of Archie.  This book has been promoted for months and I believe comes out tomorrow (7/16/2014).  Between #36 and #37 there are 10 different covers.  I couldn't even tell you which would sell more than another. What is going to sell is the bundle of all of them but i'm sure any copy will turn at least some kind of a profit.  I would even get your hands on #35 which leads into it.

Afterlife with Archie is doing great.  I think it started as only a mini series but due to it's popularity early on, it turned into an ongoing series.  It's not your regular Archie series and neither is the artwork but it definitely covers Zombie fiction in a personal way much like The Walking Dead.  And the fact that it's Archie characters makes it that much more interesting.  Currently it's going for around $20 on eBay for the regular cover.  There are a few variant covers including the NYCC variant that can go up to around $75.  Collect the series of 1-5 and you can land yourself almost $100

-Ok so that does it for now.  I would include MOON KNIGHT #1 from Marvel but with Warren Ellis leaving the book after issue #6, I think the value is going to go down.  However, if the book ENDS completely, the entire run of issues 1-6 could be worth something

-One thing to always keep in mind is variant covers are always worth more and so are full runs.  If you have every issue of an entire arc, it always sells for a good price.

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I'll be back soon with another topic on who knows what.  Take THAT all the way to the bank, brother!

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