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The NEXT GEN of collectible Arcade Games

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So I've had an idea to do an update about arcade games for a while.  As I started researching, I had an idea to do another take on it.
We all know of the classics like Pac-Man, Galaga and Xaxon, but those are old news.  In the future when there is a new generation of millionaires to collect wild things like arcade games, there will be a new feeling of nostalgia for and a new set of games that give them that feeling.  I'm pretty sure when I go through this list, a lot of you are going to get the same feelings.

Arcade games are not what they used to be.  They are trying to make a come back but the regular two button and a joy stick games are everything but extinct.  Games today are all about gimmicks.  Racing games, games that you need helmets to wear or a giant shotgun to use.  Those games are a blast for sure but I still wish i could walk into an arcade and play some of these...


I'm sure this was on everyone's list and expected to be the first on this one.  This is definitely one of my favorite arcade games ever.  It's SO popular even that you can now play it on your home consoles and even your smart phones.  The first time I saw this game was in a mexican restaurant that I can't even remember.  It stuck out not only because it was the X-men but it also stood out because the look of the characters resembled a cartoon tape I found at a KB Toy store.  A single episode of an X-men cartoon that never made more than one episode, "Pryde of the X-men".  There are two versions of this game.  The 4 player and the 6 player.  For my birthday one year, my parents made it able for me and a bunch of my friends to be able to get into our local arcade BEFORE it opened so we had it all to ourselves.  Six of us chose our characters the night before and didn't stop playing until we beat it.  EVERYONE loved the X-men arcade!


Much like X-men, The Simpsons Arcade had that great multi-player feel that made them great.  On top of that, everyone loved The Simpsons in the 90s.  It has all of your favorite characters and lots of unique action.  I remember this game being hard as hell but the action was great.  Of course everyone wanted to be Bart but it was a little tough not to go with Marge because she had that vacuum cleaner to dish out the beatings with.  This game has actually managed to hold onto some longevity.  The game has been ported to home consoles and the iOS but with limited features and only a single player mode.


This one goes without saying as well.  I'm going to say the Champion Edition because it's the most played by fans and a real full version of the game.  This is the version of the game that allows the four bosses to be playable characters (Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison).  Street Fighter II set the standard for arcade games.  You can google any story or watch any documentary on gaming and people will let you know, it took arcade gaming to a whole new level.  Not much needs to be said about this one, it is the classic of classics.


I debated between Mortal Kombat II or the original.  For me, MK was the one that broke the mold but MKII was more fun to play and just cranked up the volume on the first one.  But the first Mortal Kombat got everyone's attention.  For me, the best place to find the newest games was the local bowling alley.  They always had arcade games and they always had the latest MK Arcade.  This game was so popular, when it came out on home consoles there was the longest wait I had ever heard of to rent from at the video store.  I came home from school one day and MY DAD had already rented it.  Like Street Fighter, I love all things Mortal Kombat.  If I had to choose which one to have in my house, I'd have to go with the original.


If you're picking up on a trend here, it's that everyone loves playing video games with their friends.  Turtles in Time is definitely the better game because of it's advanced gameplay but the original TMNT arcade game was the best.  When you first got to see versions of your favorite characters from the cartoon that ACTUALLY looked like their cartoon counter parts it was a great feeling.  The constant action and chance to play as all 4 turtles at once made it the game we had all dreamed a Ninja Turtles game would be.


It's really no secret i'm not a big sports guy and even for those that aren't, everyone loves NBA Jam.  Simple two on two basketball gameplay with all the theatrics of an action video game.  The great catchphrase announcing and off the charts dunks made this game legendary.  People still talk about how much they miss NBA Jam and it's a game you would never get tired of playing.  Having this in your house is definitely something the entire party would be lined up to get a turn at.

Honorable Mentions:
METAL SLUG - for the real hardcore arcade fan
NFL Blitz
Double Dragon 2
Golden Axe
Final Fight

Sorry I don't have a write up about all of these.  I could go on all day.  Sorry the update was a little late tonight but I was watching WWE Battleground on the Network.  Miz sucks, finish to the main event was good.  I'm not a Cena hater.  I'm going to try and make my next update something about wrestling. I try to attract a lot of wrestling fans on Twitter since i'm such a huge fan.

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