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Harley Quinn

Hi again everyone and thanks for dropping in for another edition of Collect the Uncollected.

Things are hectic as hell and a lot going on in every instance.
We're on the road to Wrestlemania and Con season is vastly approaching.

Today I thought I'd put everyone in a great mood by discussing a girl that everyone just can't seem to get enough of, Harley Quinn.

Harley has just caught on with Batman fans old and young and a lot of her items are super hot to get your hands on.

Check out a few after the jump.

Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992.  She is just another example of how awesome that cartoon was.  It spawned a character so popular, she made her way into regular DC canon after being introduced in a cartoon.  Also, avid comic fan and director Kevin Smith actually named his daughter "Harley Quinn Smith."

Not to mention her starring role in the new Suicide Squad movie coming out from Warner Bros/DC Films.

Harley made her first comic book appearance in 1993 in Batman Adventures #12

This book is INSANELY hot.  It has sold for over $500 on eBay and graded you're looking at up over $1000! It makes it one of the most valuable comics of the last 25 years.(sure makes me feel old)  
Copies of this book still float around for cheaper as "wall books" from local comic shops but you're definitely going to pay a few hundred.
This is the most valuable and most popular Harley collectible.  There are toys and statues like crazy so it's nice to see that a comic book still gets the credit it deserves.

These Sideshow Premium Format Figure originally sold for $359 and now goes for well per $500.  These figures from Sideshow always turn a pretty good profit but Harley especially.

In 2013 DC gave Harley her own series with their New 52 run.

This book with this original cover can run for about $50 ungraded.  There were a lot of different variant covers but none got the attention like the Adam Hughes cover...

A graded version of this book can land you over $300.  Everyone loves how Adam Hughes draws those women.

I love this statue.  Based on the Alex Ross painting.  It sells for about $200 online which is not bad at all.  Not sure why it is not more popular because the image is very iconic.

A new HOT item to keep your eyes open for is the Harley Quinn Bombshell statue.

DC released a bunch of variant covers based on classic portraits from the 40s and 50s.  There are a bunch of statues based on these covers for a lot of DC female characters.  They all sell for around $150 but the Harley Quinn statue can sell for up to $400.

Coming out in December of 2015 is a new Harley and Joker Bombshell statue.  

The pre-order right now has it going for $219 out the gate which is pretty steep for a new statue but that only means it will be worth more as time goes by.

A google search of "Harley Quinn merchandise" will give you the view of all sorts of items.  Pajamas, coffee mugs, wallets, you name it, are all out there based on her.  Arguably, the merchandise scale goes Batman, Spider-man, Avengers, and then Harley Quinn.

So keep your eyes open for those extra special Harley collectibles like statues and comics.  Comics especially.  New 52 Suicide Squad #1 is a great one that is going for a lot higher than face value.

Ok, that's all for now.  I'm going to sit here and catch up Sons of Anarchy.  I'm up to season 3.
O shit! Stephen King just showed up! Awesome!

Also, still excited for Wrestlemania.  The top match I'm still looking forward to is Reigns vs. Brock.  Reigns had a great match against Bryan, it got real physical.  Can't wait to see that happen and watch Brock really put him to the test.  Kind of saw Wyatt vs Taker coming for a while now.  I'm sure the Ladder Match will be great but time will tell.

Keep your eyes on Harley and take her all the way to the bank, brother!

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