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WWE/TNA - Trading Cards and Royal Rumble predictions

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In honor of the WWE Royal Rumble tonight, I figured I will go ahead and do another update about some of the rare collectibles that are circulating around the wrestling community.

Trading cards were very popular around the late 80s and early 90s.  Especially with the Marvel Universe and Marvel Masterpiece sets.  WWF/E has continued to produce trading cards even as the demand has seemed to fade.  However, the demand might not be as faded as once thought.

Let's get started...

WWE's current selection of trading cards come from the 2014 Road to WRESTLEMANIA line.

These can go from anywhere between $50-$75 on eBay.  Now the majority of the cards are regular cards but there are variants that are still worth a good profit.

A full box like this comes with two (yes, 2) special cards that may either be an autograph card or a memorabilia card.  

This is from

"The two hits per box are a mix of autographs and memorabilia cards, though the majority are of the relic variety. Autographs come in three varieties. WrestleMania Autographs are standard signed cards and use stickers. The checklist only includes WWE Superstars and Divas who have competed in a Wrestlemania at some point. Dual Autographs pair up two signatures. Autographed Mat Relic cards are signed on pieces of the WrestleMania canvas.

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Now on eBay, autograph cards seem to be where it's at.

This autographed Hulk Hogan card seems to be the one selling the most regularly and for almost $80.  Any card with an autograph is selling from $40-$50 at least.

Also, anything Undertaker obviously sells like crazy.  There are specific cards related to The Undertaker's streak which sell for around $20 each.  

Then there are the "relic" cards.  "Relic" cards can range from a piece of the ring canvas to a piece of a wrestler's ring worn gear.  Now there is an Undertaker canvas "relic" that I've seen go anywhere from $2 to $20.  But there are a lot out there so that can explain the range of price.  The printing plate variant however can go for up to $100.  Also, there is an Undertaker relic card that includes a piece of his hat AND pants which can go for almost $200.

So if you find a box of these, it might not hurt to grab a couple packs for less than $5 for a nice payoff in the end.


TNA: Impact Wrestling has also tried to make waves with their trading cards.  Autographed cards are still a nice profit but not as much as WWE cards, obviously.

Autographed cards can get you around $20.  The Hulk Hogan autographed card can maybe get you $50.

I doubt these are even on the shelves and up to date due to TNA's financial situation.  They do a lot of things I don't agree with when it comes to their product (commentators in a sound booth instead of ringside for example) but it's still a good product and the wrestling action is top notch.  If you're a real wrestling fan, you watching anything and everything that relates to pro wrestling.

I've watched Lucha Underground twice now, it's entertaining.  Great fast paced action but not too fast you can't even keep up.  They do tons of high spots but still tell a good story and know how to build up to the big spots.


Ok so in just about 3 hours is the Royal Rumble Match.

Honestly, I only know of the title match and the Rumble match

For the Rumble, final four I say is Bryan, Reigns, Wyatt and Rusev.  All guys who I would actually like to see face Brock Lesnan. 

However, I say Reigns is up.  They are going to push him to the moon and make his performance last year look like Bushwacker Luke.  If Brock sticks around until Mania, somehow it's going to be Brock vs. Reigns for the title.  They need to make Reigns look incredibly strong (Punk pun intended) to make him seem like a viable opponent to Brock.  I still think he needs to change his gear.  We all know his mic skills are hurting but he needs to be able to relax and be himself.

There is still another PPV before Wrestlemania so it is possible Brock can lose the title tonight and get it back before then.  However, they need to keep him looking like a beast.  The only issue that comes in is Seth Rollins and the Money in the Bank Briefcase.  I don't know what is going to happen there.  Most common scenario, Brock wins tonight, Rollins cashes in.  Now it is possible that Brock STILL beats him.  That would make Cena look pretty weak so I'm not sure I see that happening.

One thing for sure, Roman Reigns is winning the Royal Rumble.  I'd be happy to see Bryan though.

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Fish through your old trading cards and take them all the way to the bank, brother!

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