Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's In My Parent's Basement - Part 1

Hi Everybody!  It's been a little while but thanks for stopping by for another update from Collect the UNcollected.

So this past weekend I visited my parent's house.  I remember all the things I have but I needed to really explore to take some pictures of things.  Now to give you a little background, I'm an only child.  For some of you, you should know that explains a lot.  I had A LOT of stuff.  But on top of that, my parents always understood the idea of collecting and NEVER threw anything out.

So I snapped some pictures of a few things that they still have lying around.  I didn't setup many things all nice and displayed because they were just so tough to get to. There were tons of dust and cobwebs as you will see from some of the pics.

But there is A LOT to get to so lets get started...

Of course, The Ghostbusters Firehouse
Yea I know it's a blurry pic but it was a quick shot.  This was under a a few things but I still have all the pieces.  Now I've seen this sell for all sorts of prices.  You're talking at least $60 with all the pieces intact.  If you have the box, it's even more.  I've seen it go for around $100 too. Even the sign sells for around $20.  I don't think I have the box but I have everything else.  

I'll follow that up with some Ghostbuster's action figures

It's the same box fill of stuff I just jumbled them around so you could get a better look at a few other ones.  Stay Puft is pretty beat up but I have SO MANY.  I have a ton of ghosts, and so many versions of each Ghostbuster.  I have all of the classic monsters (Frankenstein's monster, The Wolfman, Dracula,  The Mummy, Quasimoto and The Zombie).  Plus the football player, the lumber jack, the mailman, the motorcycle cop and the old lady.  Single figures don't really sell for more than $10 unless you have a full set.  I'm sure all the classic monsters would sell pretty good.  I've got Ecto-1 too.  With all the pieces that's worth around $60.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Subterranean Sewer Hockey

I'm pretty sure I have all the pieces of I can track them down.  I didn't open it because it was huge and ton of stuff was in the way.  Pretty sure I only played this once or twice.  Again, only child.  There are a few of these that have sold in the past two months.  Like with all eBay items, it depends on how you present it.  I've seen these go for about $50-$125.

The 1989 Batcave
 Now this was a really popular item.  There are A LOT of them on eBay.  Factory sealed in the box you're looking at around $150 but if you're missing some parts or it's a little beat up you're looking at only around $25.


To this day, I still do not know what all these parts are for.  I'm sure the Angry Video Game Nerd could help me out but we're not close like that.  I have another plastic bag full of games too.  You can see a few of the names.  Lots of classics like Pitfall and E.T.  Even though we all know how horrible E.T. is but because of its awfulness it's a classic on its own.  I THINK, that some games work in the regular console and then some games work in the little expansion pack you plug in too.  My Dad did a lot of the playing on it and he just tried to figure it out.  Like with that big ass controller in the back.  You would hold it like the hilt of a sword.  When playing Baseball, we THINK, when you would get a hit you would spin the wheel on the top and possibly run the bases faster.  The one with the keypad and the knob, wtf?  FIVE freaking controllers.  If anyone can clarify, let me know.

This Donald Duck bank
I can only find one of these on eBay and the guy is trying to sell it for $50.  Someone else on Etsy trying to sell it for $15.  I don't know much about it.  Don't know where it came from.  It's like hoping that this is one of those super collector gems that you have no idea what you've got.  Yes, that's a proton pack in the background.  I have a trap too.

Skeletor and Panthor

This varies too.  You're looking at an average of around $20.  I have all the parts for Skeletor.  Lot's of He-man stuff.  All the parts are lying around somewhere.  Yes, I know the armor is on backwards, it looks cooler that way.

1989 TMNT 12" figures

I have all the weapons for these guys lying around somewhere too.  It took me a while to find info on these guys but once I put in 1989 they came up.  All based on the original cartoon.  These sell for around $20 A PIECE.  Even with a little bit of damage.  Everyone knows you can't just have 1 or 2 or 3 turtles, you have to have all 4.

Ok, if you follow me on Twitter.  You saw me send a tweet saying how pissed off I was that this entire thing got deleted.  Thankfully, blogger did keep a draft and I didn't have to write it all over again.

That's it for Part 1.  Part 2 will be on the way soon with lots of wrestling figures and a few more little gems.

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I'd love to hear from anyone, especially if you can explain how some of those ColecoVision controllers work!

Go searching through your old goodies and you might be able to take a them all the way to the bank, brother!

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