Monday, January 6, 2014


Howdy again everyone.

Quick update on my re-sell ventures.
I've sold ALMOST everything on eBay that I put out there and I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know.

The easier it is to obtain, the harder it is to resell.  My R2-Q5 and Doctor Who collectibles were extremely easy to obtain and took a while to sell.  I broke a little more than even with them.  There was a ton of these things already out there to sell so in order to have mine stand out, I had to drop the price a few dollars.  Next time, i'll be on the look out for those really hard things to grab.

One thing that I was looking to grab was the Killer Bootlegs "Ewoking Dead" collectible action figure. There was only 18 of these to give out.  I was number 20 in line.  I've seen one go for $179 on eBay.  I think it was less than $20 to purchase at NYCC.  But that goes to show you that the harder it is to grab, the better your turn around.  Just like the Walter White action figure from Breaking Bad.  They were sold out on Thursday.  Selling for double what you could purchase it for.


Ok onto the topic at hand, Image Comics #1s

Now these are the gem of the industry right now, for so many reasons.

Not only can you get a chance to read some of the greatest stories being told right now in comics but you also can get lucky with snagging something that can turn into the next great property to get your hands on.

It all started with The Walking Dead tv show.  Walking Dead was already a great comic and #1 was already selling for a few hundred dollars on eBay but when the TV show took off, so did the comic.  #1 now sells for almost $2000.  Now everyone is looking to get their hands on for the "next" Walking Dead and it could be anything.  So i'm going to talk about a few right now that are on their way up.

I'm up to issue 2 of this book and it's a good book.  It's a comedy about two people who can make the world stop when they have sex.  I really dig the artwork.  One of the reasons this is a popular book is because it's written by Matt Fraction.  That is a new trend with Image books.  Not only are they popular  because everyone is looking to get their hands on the next big thing but also because there are a lot of today's top comic book writers putting out creator owned comics through Image.

This is another book that I started reading not too long ago.  I haven't finished reading volume 1 yet but it's a good story.  I'm still not sure what it's about besides the end of the world.  Intriguing read.  The regular copies of #1 are still in a decent price range.  The C2E2 variant however can land you at least $100 bucks right now.

I really dig this book.  I've read the first 3 issues so far and it's a good read.  It's about a group of thieves who are trying to steal a ghost from a haunted house.  The regular copy is still going for pretty cheap.  Can grab it for around $20 maybe.  The Image Convention variant however might be a few dollars more.

I've read issue 1 so far.  I picked up issue 2 but haven't read it yet.  The talk with this one is that it's a "beat em up" video game in comic book form.  According to Bleeding Cool magazine, issue #1 is worth around $8.  For a comic thats pretty new that's not bad.  On eBay you can still get it for around $5.  Graded you're looking at around $15.  This one could be on the rise.

Now I haven't read this book so I don't have much of an idea what its about.  However, Bleeding Cool has it worth around $30 and eBay backs that up.  This is one of those sleeper hits that actually hasn't had much talk behind it but still seems to be picking up steam.  I haven't seen any copies of this around so that could be why the price is up there too.  It could be hard to get your hands on.

So thats just a few of the popular ones that you should be looking to get your hands on.  Here is a list of  a few more...


I could go on all day but there is a list of ones to hurry up and get your hands on while they're still out.  I haven't read them.  I heard Black Science was good.  Peter Penzerfaust was supposed to be picked up for a TV show but that fell through.  No matter what, go out and pick yourself up some creator owned comics.

Ok thats it for now.

Take those Image Firsts all the way to the bank, brother!

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